Zoning Board of Adjustment Fees

Whenever an application is made requiring approvals for two or more of the applications set forth above, the fee shall be the fee which when calculated is the greateast for any one component of the application (i.e., if approval sought for site plan and user variance, the fee for site plan will be applicable).

Escrows. In payment for services rendered by various township professionals, each applicant shall post at the time of making application to the Board the sum of $500 for residential applications and the sum of $2,500 for all other applications.

Preliminary Review of Site Plan $50
Minor subdivision, minor site plan and filing and classification $125
Major subdivision without site plan approval or conditional use approval (preliminary and final approval) $250
Site plan approval or conditional use $200 for first 10,000 feet of improved area

Plus $25 for each additional 10,000 square feet of floor area
Use variance $200
Variances other than in respect to use $150
Any other applicaiton to the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment $50