Shade Tree Commission

The Shade Tree Commission consists of employees and residents who are responsible for maintaining the Township's tree stock so as to preserve th quaility of life in South Hackensack.

The Board shall have the power to:

  • Prepare a planting plan for the Township owned lands and parks including a budget for the implementation of the same.
  • Designate the types of tress to be planted on certain lands and areas of the municipality which the Township Engineer will adhere to in the implementation of the Shade Trees ordinance.
  • Regulated and control the used of the ground surrounding the shade and ornamental trees which are the subject of the Shade Trees ordinance.
  • Move or require the removal of any tree or part thereof if the Board determines it to be dangerous to the public safety, at the owner's expense.
  • Remove any tree or part thereof at the request and expense of the owner.
  • Exercise full control over the regulation and care of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery now located or which my hereafter be planted in accordance with the Shade Trees ordinance.
  • Prepare a yearly plan and recommendation of the township committee as to proposed use and expenditure of funds collected pursuant to the Shade Trees ordinance.
  • Hear appeal of non-emergency decisions made by the Township engineer. Said appeal shall be taken by filing with the board within twenty days of the date of the township engineer's decision a statement setting forth the basis of said appeal and a proposed alternate plan of compliance with or waiver from the terms of the Shade Trees ordinance. The board shall render it decision on any such appeal in writing sixty (60) days of the date of submission of an appeal compliant with the Shade Trees ordinance.

Meeting Schedule: 3rd Wednesday of the Month @ 7:30 PM


Name Class Term Expires
Vacant Employee #1 12/31/23
Vacant Employee #2 12/31/24
Deborah Allen Resident #1 12/31/22
Maria Nasta Resident #2 12/31/22
Kevin Kennedy Resident #3 12/31/25
Robert Orzechowski Resident #4 12/31/22
Kathy Veprek Resident #5 12/31/24
Frank Cagas Township Committee 12/31/22


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