Frequently Asked Questions

Is your department hiring officers?  If so, what is the procedure?

At the present time the township of South Hackensack are not hiring any officers or dispatchers. All applications are given out in town hall by the township clerk.

Does the Township South Hackensack issue resident identification cards?

No, the township of South Hackensack does not issue resident identification cards. If you need a photo ID for any purpose, you can obtain one from the Bergen County Clerk's Office in the new County Administration Building on Hudson Street in Hackensack. The Bergen County Clerk's Office phone number is 201-338-7000. There is a fee and you must bring proof of residency.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

Police reports are available the next day in most cases.  Reports may be picked up 24 hours a day at the police desk.

The fees for services and materials are as follows:

Photocopies Seventy-five cents per page for the first 10 pages

Fifty cents per page for the second 10 pages

Twenty-five cents per page for each page thereafter
Fingerprints $10 per set
Letters of good conduct $10 per original and $2 per copy
Pistol permit $5
Firearms ID $10
Escort service $5 each way, $10 round trip (subject to availability)
Photographs $5 per print

What is the procedure for fingerprinting?

For non-criminal fingerprints an appointment is made by calling an officers assigned to the Detective Bureau at 201-440-0042. A fee of $10.00 per set is required and the applicant is required to furnish the appropriate fingerprint cards.

WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO FINGERPRINT FOR IMMIGRATION PURPOSES.  Contact I.N.S. for the closest I.N.S. certified fingerprinting center.  Remember to bring your fingerprint cards, a legal form of identification and the appropriate fee for service.