Selling Your Home

Residents planning to sell homes are required to apply and receive a Certificate of Continued Occupancy from the Building Department. This requires an inspection for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and fire extinguishers. This inspection is also required for new tenants in rental properties.

Where To Locate Smoke Detectors

  • A minimum of one smoke detector is required on every floor of the home including the basement.
  • A carbon monoxide alarm is required to be installed within 10 feet of all bedroom doors.
  • A portable fire extinguisher is required to be installed within 10 ft of the kitchen. It must be hung no higher than 5ft off the floor. The extinguisher shall be rated at ABC and not be less than 2.5 lbs or greater than 10lbs.

Please contact the Building Department at least 7 days prior to your closing. This will allow sufficient time to schedule the inspections and correct any issues which may be noted.