The Building Department is responsible for ensuring that all buildings in the Township comply with all building codes, safety regulations, and local ordinances. The primary functions of the Building Department are to:

  • Review building plans and Issue permits for construction, renovations, and demolition for all properties in the Township
  • Schedule inspections for compliance for construction, plumbing, electrical, and fire codes
  • Manage property maintenance complaints for all residential and commercial properties
  • Issue Certificates of Continued Occupancy for resale of all properties
  • Maintain registration information of residential rental properties
  • Inspect all residential rental properties prior to change of tenants.


Construction Official Armand Marini III
Plumbing Subcode Official Mark Salerno
Building Subcode Official Greg Yfantis
Electric Subcode Official Michael D'Alessio
Fire Subcode Official Greg Yfantis
Zoning Officer Raymond DeRiso
Fire Prevention Official Fred Dressel
Field Inspectors Greg Yfantis
Raymond DeRiso
Technical Assistant Megan Krusznis
Property Maintenance Officer Brian Veprek