Township Committee

The Township Committee usually meets every first Thursday of the month for informal work shop sessions and the second Thursday of every month for formal regular sessions, with the exceptions of holidays. Meetings are open to the public and residents are given the opportunity to speak on proposed ordinances and other matters of concern at the formal and informal meetings.

The Mayor presides over all public meetings, provides leadership in the development of community projects and makes appointments to various boards. The Township Committee exercises all legislative powers including adoption of the municipal budget, bond ordinances and the general business of the community.

The Committee’s power include, for example, adopting all ordinances; reviewing, revising and adopting the budget; making appropriations; levying taxes; authorizing bond issues; providing for the internal structure of local government; providing by ordinance for the creation and abolition of jobs; fixing salaries and establishing general municipal policy.

Yris Encarnacion

Mayor Yris Encarnacion

Term Expires: 2019

Deputy Mayor James Anzevino

Term Expires: 2020

Gary Brugger Photo

Gary Brugger

Term Expires: 2021

Frank Cagas

Term Expires: 2021

Luis Perdomo

Term Expires: 2020